The brilliance called- Jamie Wyeth

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James Browning Wyeth is a contemporary American realist painter, son of Andrew Wyeth, and grandson of N.C. Wyeth both brilliant painters in their time. Not overwhelmed by the art standards that existed in the family Jamie created his own collection of superlative art. The range of his style and work can be seen in these pictures he painted . 

John F. Kennedy - Jamie Wyeth

John F. Kennedy

Portrait of Andrew Wyeth - Jamie Wyeth



Portrait of Pig - Jamie Wyeth

Portrait of a pig

Record Player - Jamie Wyeth

Record Player

Lattice Work - Jamie Wyeth

Lattice work

Andy Warhol - Back View, Standing - Jamie Wyeth

Andy Warhol

Rudolf Nureyev - Jamie Wyeth

Rudolf Nureyev

Portrait of Shorty - Jamie Wyeth

Portrait of Shorty

Angus - Jamie Wyeth


Jamie Wyeth, "Kleberg," 1984. Terra Foundation for American Art, Chicago. (c) Jamie Wyeth.

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