Qi Baishi, the most unlikely person who became one of the most sought artists in the world

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Twelve Landscape Screens 1925

In 2017, Qi’s Twelve Landscape Screens set a new record for the highest-selling Chinese artwork ever sold at an auction, anywhere in the world, at $141 million.

Autumn Water


Houses and Bamboo

Hundreds of Flowers and Doves of Peace, 1952

This huge painting was dedicated to the Peace Committee of Asia and the Pacific Region.



Qi Baishi, famed Chinese artist, created exquisite artwork that won the hearts of generations of Chinese and later the world. From butterflies, bees, dragonflies and birds to flowers, fruits and vegetables, he painted them all. As one of the highest valued artists in the world, his artwork stands right next to Andy Warhol and Picasso. Not only did he achieve success as an artist but he also made a name for himself in calligraphy, seal cutting, poetry and literature.

A huge statue erected in memory of Qi Baishi can be seen at the Baishi Park in his hometown Xiangtan, China.

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