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French Artist Bernard Pras recreates well-known images and icons out of specifically chosen found objects, arranged in a specific form. Pras sets up his camera at a well-defined angle so that the objects themselves merge and a portrait appears. Pras has created photos of personalities such as Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevara, Mao Zedong and pop culture icons like Porn star Lolo and martial arts master Bruce Lee.

Bernard Pras was born in 1952 in the south-west of France. After more than 20 years spent as a painter, and also a sculptor of recovered objects, Pras conceived in 1997, this astonishing form of expression, using photography as a basis for the creation of what amounts to a form of installation art.

Photo: Bernard Pras à l'Institut français du Burkina Faso du 20 Février au 9 Mars : Anamorphose In Situ

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