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The most amazing pictures ever taken

‘Among the White Umbrellas’ ~ Aung ThuYa

Woman making traditional umbrellas at a factory in Mandalay, Myanmar

‘Hearts on the Sea’ ~ Nguyen Phan Xuan

Aerial photos of fishing nets in Vietnam made it to the top 20 most amazing photos in The AGORA Awards 2019

‘Incense Work’ ~ Khánh Phan Thi

In Vietnam, incense is believed to connect living people with ancestors and gods. In this shot, a Vietnamese woman dries incense sticks in the sun.

‘Cloud Tsunami over Bondi beach’ ~ Rohan Kelly

Massive shelf cloud moving towards Bondi Beach, Australia won top prize in the World Press Photo Foundation award in Nature category 2016. The Cloud Tsunami led to violent thunderstorms, damaging winds, hailstones the size of golf balls, and heavy rainfall.

‘Cuckmere Haven’ / ‘Veins of Earth’ ~ Hugo Healy

This breathtaking Amazon-like shot was taken in East Sussex, where the Cuckmere river divides the grasslands. It won the runner-up position in the drone category, British Photography Awards 2019.

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