Miniature scenes shot with model cars

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Michael Paul Smith

A table, a collection of of miniature classic cars an ordinary camera and an interesting street is all that is required for Michael to create amazingly realistic scenes from days gone by in an imaginative, beautiful and artistic town called Elgin Park.

Born in Pennsylvania in 1950, Michael has been building scale models for over 25 years. His model making skills have been accumulated through his varied job and life experiences; he has been a text book illustrator, wallpaper hanger and house painter, designer of museum displays, architectural model maker, and art director for retail stores. His love of the 20th Century has been a constant inspiration for all of his work.

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Nostalgic: Michael Paul Smith has been building and collecting models for nearly 30 years and he's used them, and some photographic magic, recreate the the mid-century suburbia of his youth