Textile Mushrooms

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During her daily dog walk Amanda Cobbett scours the understorey of the forest floor seeking its hidden treasures, photographing and collecting fallen debris. Over time, she has honed an inherent ability to locate intriguing flora in the most unexpected of places.  Back at the studio, she ‘draws’ with the sewing machine needle into a dissolvable fabric, and by building up layers of thread creates a new fabric that she moulds into textile copies of the natural world. Machining approximately 130,000 individual stitches a day, Amanda’s creations are not only a textile tour de force but are educational, highlighting the beauty and diversity that exists in the undergrowth. With a sense of fun, each unique piece of work is displayed in a contemporary form of the Victorian display case, allowing the work to be wall-hung and viewed from all angles.


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Amanda Cobbett: Stitching the forest floor