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All these were once Singer sewing Machines

You may remember your grandmother bent over those classic Singer sewing machines, sewing away into the late of the night.  Classic in their styling and mechanical design but over time this classic was withdrawn for more economic electrical variants. On the other hand Vaja Xachiuri had other plans for them. He reconstructed them into Vintage cars, bikes and locomotives. And they weren’t just ordinary conversions, but brilliantly made and intricately designed to create a new Classic from what would have gone to the smelt or the scrap yard.

Vaja Xachiuri  is an Energy Engineer from Georgia which is a small country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe,

He has been making these models in his free time for the last five years. Other than sewing machine parts he uses  wood, brass, leather and diode lamps to light up these models. Every model has a musical mechanism with sound signals.

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Vaja Xachiuri Facebook page- gives more details

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