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Bob Marley:unseen images and the stories behind…

British photographer Dennis Morris was a high school student in London when he first met Bob Marley. “I was into Jamaican music, and I read that he was coming over to tour England,” Morris recalls. “So I bunked off school, went to the Speak Easy Club, where he was playing that day, and waited and waited. Eventually he arrived, and I said, ‘Can I take your picture?’ He said, ‘Yeah, man, come in.'”

Bob Marley

He was one of the first Jamaican musicians to understand the power of images

“Of all the images I took of him, when people look at the photographs, they get this feeling of being there with him,” Morris says of these 1977 photos.

Bob Marley

“He loved table tennis,” Morris says. “Football was his number one, but he also loved playing table tennis.

Bob Marley

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