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I’m going to school

More than 1,300ft above the roaring Rio Negro in Colombia, nine-year-old Daisy Mora prepares to throw herself over the abyss.

Attaching herself to an old and rusted pulley system she drops over the edge before plummeting at 40mph along a zip wire to the opposite bank half a mile away – a vertigo-inducing journey she has to take every day to get to school.



Children hold on to the side bars of a collapsed bridge as they cross a river to get to school at Sanghiang Tanjung village in Indonesia. The flooded Ciberang river broke a pillar supporting the suspension bridge, which was built in 2001, on Monday. Sofiah, a student crossing the bridge, says she would need to walk for an extra 30 minutes if she were to take a detour via another bridge.

It’s not How You Go to SCHOOL that matters…

Its that You Go!!!!

Maybe in some places these dogs students are given better transport to school ….