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Half a glass of awesomeness

Wacky news, top pics, breathtaking art, viral videos, extreme tech, cool science, enthralling entertainment, hilarious comic strips, fun facts & quotes exclusively submitted by netizens all over the web globe – this’s a sneakpeek of what you get at Ittzy. One of the most popular news aggregator and hangouts for the unusual, it has garnered an enthusiastic fan base that has risen by leaps and bounds. Each article/ video dug out from the net is rated for quirkiness and content before being unleashed.

A treasure trove of quirky news

Sourced from the best, this is a delightful collection of news for those looking for a different kind of information. Discovered by netizens on the net, every odd, off beat, out of this world, bizarre, quirky article posted keeps the world coming for more.

Pics of the Week
Pics guaranteed to be the centerpiece of the day

The most popular pictures and more, from a thriving community of cybersurfers. We scour all over the net for epic pics that make headlines globally- top end pics, haunting pictures, award winning photos and more.

A showcase of awesome art

Art that inspires. That’s what a dynamic community searches the world-wide-web for. The kind that uplifts not only anyone with a heart for all things artistic but also those outsiders who stumble on it.

Videos of the Day
Scoop of the latest videos gone viral

The most watched and shared videos on the world stage and across the social web spotlighted. A vast community of net junkies follow the show and make sure it features the funnies, the unusual, celebrities of the net, grumpy animals, trending technology and more.

Entertainment to lift you out of the doldrums

Some of the most unique, diverse stories and what’s trending in the  world of fashion, music, movies, gaming, food, comics, books, hobbies and more spearheaded by entertainment buffs.

Sports quips you have to see to believe

An internet community with the gift of the gab tells you like it is, scouring the net for the interesting gossip and never before activities that become the byword in the sports arena and start conversations.  From cricket to croquet, football to bowling, chess to equestrian sports, hockey to athletics, baseball to volleyball to basketball, tennis to badminton, curling to skateboarding, Olympics to World championships to the Superbowl, it’s there.

Technology & Science
Top quality, hard-to-find sci fi and tech news

Breaking news on the best in science and futuristic stuff from all over the world, by a global network of nerds, dorks and geeks. From all that’s new and next in technology & science to gadgets & space and more.

A Story in a Pic
Laughing pics

A way to get stories to the people who matter to you, enrich lives and enliven minds. Only stories, cartoons and photographs told in a way others just can’t, make it to Ittzy.

Facts & Figures
Amazing facts, interesting numbers

From lands faraway, cyber-citizens search for and submit previously unknown gems of facts and figures. Tidbits that thrill, about subjects you never knew were out there. It gives everyone something interesting to talk about.

Thought Off
Garden of quotes

Daily cyber citizens and Ittzy fans discover quotes that range from the cool, hilarious, inspirational, motivational, thought-provoking, literary, famous, witty, special occasion, love to funny liners. It’s just one way we keep visitors upbeat every morning.

Thinker on the pot

Every great idea is an Eureka moment, though not all of them in a tub, but pretty close, on the pot. And Ittzy uses the peculiarity of ideas to create news and entertainment that goes deep down in thought.

Talk back

We are always on the lookout for more. So if we have missed out on anything, feel free to pitch in any trending story ideas that matter. We also welcome comments. To get in touch, email us at: ittzymail@gmail.com