About us

Ittzy App and ittzy.com is a platform to showcase individual talents and innovation through photography and videos. It also gives users the opportunity to be journalists and communicate happenings in their surroundings.

This is also a platform to promote products and services in an area. Users will be able to see the best offers in their present area or an area of their choice.

Ittzy services

Ittzy showcases the best of the the web and social media on the App and the website through posts and updates by users. Ittzy also features an advertising platform to encourage retailers and service providers to advertise their services. The unique proposition of Addittzy is that every advertisement is location based. Advertisement of goods, services and offers appear to the user of the App based on his/her current location or a selected location. Thus enabling the App user to view the the best offers in his particular area based on various classification like food, clothing, pubs, appliances, vehicles etc.

Advertisements are billed for the display of Advertisements on ittzy.com Website or App. Advertisements are charged on size and number of impressions (size meaning the quantity of information displayed in text and images, or size measured in pixels). The advertiser can choose both or either option. Upon completion of the impressions, the advertiser will be notified so that they can renew the advertisement period and cost.

Advertising rates

Standard size horizontal (564 px × 300 px)

Rs 500 per 3000 impressions

Add on size Vertical (125px × 200 px)

Rs 1000 per 3000 impressions

Video ads


10 secs 1000 impressions Rs 1500

Above rates are inclusive of GST

Business name: Glow & Flow (Proprietorship)

On completion of the specified impressions the advertiser will be informed to further renew the ad package.

The rates mentioned above are applicable for the period June- July, 2024. Rates are subject to revision.

Ittzy belongs to Glow & Flow and is based out of Bangalore. Glow and Flow is a company that was registered in 1975 and was primarily focussed on art and photography services to its parent company Graphic Arts Industries- a advertising agency based out of Bangalore, since 1964. Over the years it has expanded into Advertising and Media, and Export for herbal products and machinery.

Our address

106, Shree Complex, Ground Floor, 73, St. John's Road, Bangalore 560 042

www.ittzy.com  |  Ph: +91 86608 40450 Email ittzymail@gmail.com